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Ningbo Yinzhou Everyoung Metals Co. Ltd. , is located in Ningbo City , Zhejiang province , is a professional manufacturer of rotary plastic tank moulds, diesel pumps, gasoline pumps and adblue pumps. As a

china fuel transfer pumps manufacturers and custom fuel pumps suppliers

which is also an advanced fuel solution manufacturer in China. Our total factory land area is 7,000 square meters which includes our standardized plant, modern production equipment, computerized warehouse and we continually develop new fuel transfer pumps and other products every year to meet up the demands for our clients.

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Support Based On Special Services

We ensure to offer our customers one-stop service to match their projects requirements

Customized Support

We have a production base covering an area of 7,000 square meters and 200+ workers, which can provide solutions for our design.

Technical Support

Provide customized suggestions and installation instructions, and professional technical exchanges throughout the process.

After-sales Support

After the finished product, a variety of testing items are used to ensure that fuel transfer pumps and other products has no quality problems, and there is a 1-year after-sales


  • Brief Analysis on Maintenance of Oil Delivery Pump --2022.12.09
    After investigation, we found that many diesel generators neglect the maintenance of the fuel pump during use. In fact, the fuel pump is an important part of the generator. To ensure the long-term durability of the generator, users should pay attention to the following issues:1. Before installing th...